The Communicators

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Since they first appeared in public in 1978, “Dr. Trey and Dr. Vee” have performed before thousands of folks from Chicago to Tampa, and from Phoenix to the nation’s capital. From sales meetings to award dinners, from annual stockholders’ meetings to inaugurations, audiences are never disappointed: People learn something while they have fun.Who Are They?

Robert A. Valentine - An author, publisher and playwright, Robert Valentine heads Theatre Arts Enterprises, a company he established in 1982. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with the B.A. in history and the M.A. in communications. Known as Kentucky’s foremost interpreter of Mark Twain, he is the founder of “The Circle of Four Rivers,” Kentucky’s only professional storytelling troupe.

He has served as a Director of the regional Chamber of Commerce, a Commissioner of Tourism, and in 1992, received the prestigious Lowry Award for Business Support of the Arts. He is now Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Public relations at Murray State University.

Dr. Robert H. McGaughey, III - A professor of the Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communications at Murray State University since 1969, Bob McGaughey served as faculty chairman for 23 years. In 1990, he was named Distinguished Professor of the Year by the MSU Alumni Association.

Among his many recognitions are the Outstanding Teacher Award and the 1989 Boss of the Year Award from the Professional Secretaries International. The International Radio and Television Society named him the Frank Stanton Fellow and Distinguished Broadcasting Educator in 1987.Lectures and Appearances
Years ago, students in Bob McGaughey’s classes started calling him Dr. Trey, for the “III” that follows his name. Dr. Vee was a natural for Bob Valentine.

In the early 80s, the chief of purchasing for Hyatt Hotels introduced them at a series of seminars as The Communicators. The name stuck, for obvious reasons.
Dr. Trey and Dr. Vee follow in a long line of “two-man standups” that includes Rowan and Martin, Bob and Ray, and Abbott and Costello. It is a rare combination that enables two men to be three times as funny as one. As funny as they are, however, there is always a message. “Comedy that doesn’t try to do something for the audience is gone before you leave the hall,” says McGaughey. “You have to do something with meaning.” And that’s what they do. We try to show people how to communicate with one another more effectively,” says Valentine. “Sometimes, we make fun of our failures; sometimes, we have fun with our successes; but we always try to have fun, and that’s what people remember.

Quotes and Comments:

“The upscale wit and humor presented by two leaders of academia provided a new dimension of entertainment Saturday evening past at our Association of the Century banquet. There is little I can add to the standing ovation rendered by those present.”—Gen. Charles Beach Jr., Association of the Century, Reserve Officers of the U.S. Army.

“We have had Dr. Try and Dr. Vee speak at our meetings before, and they do a wonderful job of getting their message across in a very funny way. They are the perfect ending for a meeting where community relations and communication are being highlighted.”—Carole Knoblett, Executive Director of Kentucky Poultry Federation.

“Just the perfect night for some very deserving people.”—Wilma Billingtion, Union Planters Bank, following an employee recognition banquet.

“These guys are funny. I’m serious.”—Ronald W. Fields, Emmy Award-Winning writer

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